Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Leave youth alone - politics' new low

The politics' new low

One fine day , we have a anti India demonstration in Jawaharlal Nehru University and there are some youth on TVs supporting the actions on campus. The very next day, the President of the Students Union of JNU is picked up for sedition. Pat comes the Home Minister's statement that there is a hand of the terrorist organisations across the border in this incident.
Shockingly in a rare show of unity and strength as well as the height of minority appeasement while compromising national security , Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yechury and other senior Communist leaders gathered to support the demonstration of JNU and accused the Centre of curbing the freedom of speech. 
The terrorist organisations in a move to destabilise the social fabric of India , seem to have plotted these protests and politicians have added fuel to fire knowingly and unknowingly for some minority votes . This is what hurts me. Rahul Gandhi showed utter non-understanding of the situation and in a "enemy of an enemy is my friend" formula, he simply jumped the bandwagon and ended up with an egg on the face.
My view is that instead of cheap politics , we should first wait for a minute, ponder at the turn of events , think of the repercussions and then take sides instead of just taking sides blindly. Whether it be BJP or Congress , I am least bothered but supporting seditious behaviour is nothing short of anti-national behaviour. Add to that , to score brownie points , political parties like Congress, CPI-M , JD-U and even Arvind Kejriwal spoke against the action of the Centre. 
What unknowingly  these political parties have done a disservice to the nation by adding fuel to the fire and that was precisely what these cross border terrorist organisations wanted.
Using universities like JNU and Jadavpur University for political gains will create long term fissures in society . If the youth of India are supposed to be the future , and if we corrupt the gennext then we will be left with nothing else.