Thursday, September 10, 2015

Indranization of relations arrives in India- imported from the west

Sep 10, 2015

Indranization of relations arrives in India- imported from the west

Blog by Dr.jawahar Surisetti



Last week witnessed the largest spectrum of emotions that I have witnessed in the 50 years of my life. It was a landmark because I had completed 25 years of my marriage , my elder son became self sufficient after his stint at IIM and left home to build his career. My younger son too went for his college education leaving the sage precincts of home in his quest for quantum physics.

I live in a flat with 2 toilets which were used by 4 people but suddenly found myself last week that the two people left at home ( me and my wife ) were left with on e toilet each to use. The angst of both the children leaving home at the same time has left us in a world bereft of smiles. The clamour of the XBox, or the strings of the guitar or the laughs of the TV show Big Bang theory have suddenly gone out of our drawing rooms. We try and explain to ourselves that the young ones have gone out in search of greener pastures but tears don't listen and the heart aches. This is because we have nurtured the relationships at home and the growing up process for the children and the parenting process for us has been a very joyful and satisfying one. We have given the freedom to choose, implement and achieve and the children have flourished in this wholesome give and take relationship of love and fun.

So now, when they left ,we feel lonely and the home that we have built with them suddenly finds itself desolate and eerie in their absence . We are not used to this . We have all grown together from poverty to the state we are in today but have adjusted ourselves with whatever we have - content. That is life. We are ready to share toilets , we don't want the luxury of owning one toilet each. A new journey has begun and we have to live with it.

The other side of the spectrum Is the much touted Indrani Mukherjee case popularly known as the Sheena murder case . Indrani's daughter through her first husband ,Sheena, has an affair with her third husband's son. So she allegedly murdered her daughter Sheena with the help of her second husband and driver and her third husband can't believe it. The daughter has disappeared for the past two years and nobody cares to know where she is . Moreover the third husband does not know whether Sheena is his sister-in-law or step daughter till the police tells him. This I call as the INDRANIZATION OF RELATIONS and it seems to have arrived. Indrani lived in a mansion as TV reports show of her misdeeds in the garage of the home . I presume this mansion had many toilets and they did not need to share them. In this mansion the dark deeds and the strange story of murder , intrigue and the two people staying there not knowing each other well enough is the story that stands in contrast of the closely knit family of Surisettis with sharing toilets and knowing each other inside out. That's the reason I conclude that I would rather prefer my flat filled with love rather this bizarre relationship status in a huge mansion . But we will have to face the fact that slowly we are losing the value of relations that is the foundation of Indianness . I pray to God that the INDRANIZATION of relationships does not arrive and we remain Indians in our values and not ape the west. This is one area we are far ahead of them and I am proud of my family and the togetherness we share. I will strongly resist INDRANIZATION .